On one of my walks, I passed a big horse stable. All the horses out on the pasture. It was quite windy and I was amused by this horses’ backside hairdo:


And this one was in dire need of a haircut. Same as I am. After the lockdown, hairdressers have reopened here in Berlin. But mine is already booked out until Christmas, by the looks of it. So I resolved to trim my bangs (called pony in German, weirdly enough) myself and otherwise just let my hair grow…


But back to the horses: just so happened, that they were called in. I suppose it was dinner time, because of the speed, with which the entire group took off…

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3 thoughts on “hair

  1. Maybe Horse 2 didn’t get a haircut because Horse 1’s cut went so badly.
    Glad to see you are keeping up with the writing (and walking and photography) because I assumed you would be chained to the workplace. Also surprised that you have so much nature and countryside around you. I remember your area as being very developed and populated . . . maybe it is time for another visit to refresh my memory? Any ideas when that will be possible again?

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    1. The borders are open. I just think, there are no flights, yet. Tegel is closing (finally, and not to reopen, sad to say). If you want to also talk to me, maybe fall or winter would be better. It is downright crazy at work, right now. What I tried this time: use my one day off for a lentghty walk, trizillion pics and schedule posts lasting a week. Otherwise, this would not be possible right now.

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