TikTok Hooray

I don’t know the first thing about TikTok. It is supposed to be the new Facebook for the young generation, I learn. A platform for sharing videos.

But the latest clou supposedly organised by young TikTok users gives me hope. The seemingly ordered tickets for Trump’s rally in Tulsa by the thousands. And confirmed to come, too. To then – suddenly, surprisingly – being held back by urgent causes. Like sorting lint per size. Or some such thing. This might have been the reason for many empty seats in Tulsa.

I love it! A new form of protest: witty, stylish, intelligent.

2 thoughts on “TikTok Hooray

  1. Tik-Tok-sters played an epic prank on Mr Tangerine Man. Urgently sorting their lint, LOL. Let’s hope they are as passionate about voting him out in November. We need to be getting people registered, assuring them their votes count, drawing them out in record numbers.

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