Berlin is a wonderful place. I am sure, I mentioned this before. But I notice again and again.

This week, for instance, I went to give my little car its spring clean. This time it was the Full Monty, so to speak. Professionals took care of it – inside and out – seats, polish, the lot. Courtesy of sweetheart – one of his Christmas presents was a voucher for this service usually provided to Oldtimers or Porsches only. I always feel a little uncomfortable to drop off my little red sparking plug at this high-end place. But the guys there do such a great job and I always get back what feels like a brand new car.

However, it takes a day – so I walked the 45 minutes walk back home after dropping the car off. The first leg is along the most omnipresent road in Berlin – the 96 from Hermsdorf northward, always busy. And not such a pretty sight, I have to admit. But I happen to know a little short cut, crossing through housing areas and a little nature preserve to get home. So, at a certain point, I left the road. Here is the 180° turn in pictures.

And then ensues a wonderland one might not suspect in a big city:

Made me feel a little like Alice.

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