Albeit on one side of our surburbian road the city of Berlin starts, the other side still borders the rural countryside of Brandenburg. Thus, it takes us a mere 10 minute drive to river Havel.

We know a little restaurant right by the riverside. With its own little marina (or riverina, to be more exact). And such relaxed ways, one always feels like being on a holiday. Dwelling in the shade of the chestnut trees with a cool drink in hand, overlooking the water after a stroll on the banks.

4 thoughts on “riverside

  1. Riverina, I like that word. We have both a lake and a river in our town, but the boats all hang out in slips by the river. Now I know what to call it. Very pretty area. Enjoy but be safe. The boats and chairs all seem to be within spitting distance of each other. 🙂

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  2. In Europe, there seem to be a lot of cities with rivers running thru them. Do they ever flood like some of the rivers in the USA?


    1. Yes, of course they sometimes flood. Rhein, Elbe and Danube especially, being the end for most other rivers in Europe, Danube ending up in the Black Sea to the East, the other two into the North Sea.


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