Due to the pandemic, most sports struggle. Fortunately, golf is played outdoors and thus lesser affected than indoor or contact team sports.

Our Head Golf Professional is crazy. Crazy enough to use the empty competition calendar of most elite amateur golfers to invite them to play a tournament at our premises. Crazy enough to rake up the huge sums of sponsor money necessary to bring TV stations and live streaming of the entire event out to our little golf club. To build entire TV studios into our member’s lounge in the first floor of our clubhouse. Just to have Europe’s elite amateur golfers to compete on our west course this week.

150 young players, almost every national golf team in Europe allowed to travel to Germany, arrived from Sunday on in and start to play four rounds of stroke play competition from today until Saturday. All news on the actual golf, the live scoring and links to live streams can be found here (in case you are interested).

Needless to say, the place is buzzing…. Although this time around, I have almost nothing to do with the organization of the event, it still is an adventure. I hope, all goes well….

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  1. Nothing like taking a quiet, pandemic-friendly activity and turning it into a free-for-all! Reminds me of my husband’s propensity to brag (read: advertise) about the unoccupied spaces he finds where we can let our dogs play off-leash for a few minutes. Pretty soon, there are dozens of people and dogs there, which defeats the purpose. If you want to hold onto a good thing, keep it to yourself! 🙂

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