tell me, it isn’t true

I watched Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 this week.

Please tell me, Mr. Obama did not go to Flint to not sip on this glass of water. Only to call it “stunt” backstage shortly after.

This was the straw breaking the camel’s back. After watching all the other depressing messages of this film.

Given – there is lots of polemicising and some maybe too dramatic move in the movie. As is Mr. Moore’s style. But.

But, but,but… Is it really true, Mr.Sanders won all districts in the primaries? How could the Democrats then declare Mrs. Clinton their candidate? This is quite similar to the the self-destructive behaviour, German Social Democrats went through, to be diminished to a single digit voter result nowadays. Leaving a huge void, open for right-wing parties like AfD to sow their poisonous messages.

Is it really true, the people of Flint are still drinking leaded water? While GM is exempt? That Flint was turned into a shooting camp without warning? Why are those responsible not in jail. This Snyder person, to start with.

Someone, please promise, that this will come to an end this November. That there are enough considerate, young, politically motivated folks in the US, striving to turn things around. It need not even be in favour of all those, who are not on the receiving end of politics these days. It just needs to be balanced out. This injustice has to end. This clown has to go. But also, the system has to change and needs to be replaced with something better. Like one person, one vote, for a start. Giving everybody a voice.

I am so sad. And more disenchanted than ever before. I was quite certain to think, that if only the Democrats would win again… But after last night, not even this thought makes me sleep better. If there is no real hope in sight, people tend to reach out for an extreme solution.

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  1. I haven’t seen the movie you are referencing but I can tell you it is not correct that Sanders won all the districts but Clinton won the nomination. The first point is that districts don’t vote, people do. And Clinton won the most votes in the Democratic primary elections in 2016. Bernie’s biggest weakness was his failure to build African-American support. If he had sufficient Black support, he might have been the nominee. However, if he had been the nominee, my guess is that the Democrats still would have lost to Trump.


  2. Michael Moore has done some great work but he is not infallible. Bernie was not the nominee in 2016 because Clinton got more votes. Specifically, African American voters were not buying the Bernie Kool Aid – they did not believe he could win in the general election. They were probably right. As for Moore, his latest documentary is an attack on the movement to turn back climate change.

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  3. If it makes you feel better, Democrats in Michigan swept up a lot of seats in 2018 and got themselves a new, good female governor (a Democrat, too). If things continue on as they are now, that 2018 wave could grow into a 2020 tsunami. But then, like all traumatized Dems, I have to keep telling myself “I will not make any more predictions. I will not make any more predictions.”
    As for Michael Moore, I like him and his movies a lot, but still find them a little manipulative. I always wonder what he is leaving out of the script or on the cutting room floor.

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  4. I haven’t seen this movie. But maybe I should. Michael Moore is famous for his exposes. They are probably 90% true and 10% sensationalism and/or conspiracy theory. Nothing has been done about the water situation in Flint, MI to my knowledge. Gerrymandering of districts and reliance on the Electoral College slants elections toward the conservatives. Things would be very different if ONE MAN, ONE VOTE was actually how it worked. 🙂

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