Sunday Matinée

As I am in the minimalistic mood, lately, here is another artist in this drawer: Otarebill Liberato. At least this is, what name I found his work under. At SaatchiArt he is listed as Italian from Napoli. Anyways, I really like his body of work. It looks, as if he works in small formate and with ink. Or watercolor? But maybe it is print. I don’t know. But it is beautiful.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. These remind me of inkblots, those pictures a psychologist shows you and asks what you think they are. I was especially intrigued by the house going up in a puff of smoke and the man with the pig nose and beard. What does that say about me? LOL. 🙂

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    1. …hm, I think there is a lot of social criticism in the pictures. The bearded pig, for instance: the beard is made of Euro-signs € (which is the European equivalent to this: $). I instantly thought of Animal Farm by George Orwell. Taking into consideration, that the artist is Italien, he would have reason to give some of his work this twist. But, of course, I don’t have the first clue, if I am interpreting this right. It’s just, what I saw.
      BTW I love the one with the huge cruise- and containerships passing someone dutifully depositing a handkerchief in the pin (which is a common visual promt to not litter in Europe). Maybe he wants to show, that there is not much use in not littering, if we poison the oceans with our consumerism? Again, just a guess….


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