weird again

Something weird once more: our new neighbours at the top flat.

Not only do they like to dress in really drastic colours, like neon pink, yellow, orange, blue, you name it, they wear it. You know, there is yellow. And there is YELLOW!!!!!! They seem to always go for the loudest version of any colour. Combined with the most unhealthy looking sunbed tan after Donald Trump, it is a sight in itself.

Mind you, the couple is nice and friendly. But not of the kind I would warm to all too quickly. Preferring my prejudices over my learned moralities in this case, bad girl, that I am.

This situation is also helped along by their loud and jumpy dog. It hates my cat. These two will never be friends, as far as I can see. Little Lilly panic-fuelled on the run, as soon as this dog shoots out the front door. To directly pee into my roses. Everytime I am not seen, that is. The owners drag the dog to the next corner to pee, when I am visible in the garden.

And to top all of this off, they put a mannequin on their balcony-ledge. They also change the dummy’s shirt once in a while. Making our house stick out in the street. So far our house was known as the house with the nice flower garden in front. That’s history now, I’m afraid.

Enough neighbour-bashing for now. At least I can say I’ve also got a MNL, a mean neighbour lady. And a mean neighbour gent, too.

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  1. I feel your pain, Ly. We have some of the same types around here. No blaring colors, just dogs-at-large, nosiness, fireworks, Trump 2020 flags. Ours would be the house that sticks out, because our yard is full of dandelions and clover (no Chem-Lawn) and the grass isn’t cut on the diagonal.

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