fire and water

I can not understand, how anyone in their right mind can still deny, that there is a fundamental change in climate underway.

Even if one does not want to join apocalyptic prophecies, at least one has to admit, that there are more severe weather conditions like flooding, draught, wildfires, storms etc. pestering the planet. Devastating the livelyhood of so many people, it is easy to foretell, that sooner or later there will be millions of humans fleeing their countries of origin. Trying to find a spot, where survival is possible.

Forget the wars waged over oil or other riches. Or simply for predominance. It won’t be long until we fight over access to clean water. A piece of fertile soil. A place not swept barren by hurricanes twice a year. Or burnt to nothing / drowned in floods in similar intervals.

But the SUVs are still getting bigger all the time and mass produced food is consumed, not matter how high the toll of its production is on the ground or livestock. Rivers get diverted and reigned in for cheap energy, letting entire countries fall dry. Coal and oil is still burnt as if there were no tomorrow. Well, there most likely won’t be many more tomorrows. Not for us humans, anyways.

If I am lucky, I might be spared the worst and die before it gets really bad. But bad it will become, of that I am certain. I am hopeful for the planet, mind you. It will survive one way or the other. And abundant as it is, life itself most likely will survive, too. I am just not so sure about the human race. But in the end – would that be so bad? The way we behave, we propably don’t deserve any better. I am just sorry for all the generations to come, who won’t be able to see nature and its beauty as we knew it.