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  1. I was told they came from Bavaria. But I can’t find a port they could have sailed from. I was taught that the ‘oe’ is pronounced as an ‘a’. Lay blein. And other parts of Germany the pronunciation is different. North East the ‘oe’ is pronunced as is “u’ Lou blien. I am 80 years old so I will not make it but for my entire life, I wanted to visit Germany. You are the first one with enough knowledge to exchange with in English. So, SUPER THANKS. But I do enjoy your posts with or without my family name. my email is: janhaltn@gmail.com if you want to take this off your WordPress. Hal Harold Loeblein.

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    1. If they were from Bavaria, in order to sail, they propably went north to Rotterdam or Hamurg or south to some French port to sail to the New World.
      The “oe” usually is written ö (your keyboard won’t have the letter, it is an o with two dots above) and pronounced like the “e” in early. But pronounciation differs a lot in the regions of Bavaria from other German regions. I originally am from Austria, which is next doors to Bavaria. Sissy, the famous Austrian Empress, was Bavarian, in fact. Bavaria is really beautiful with its mountains.


  2. My family came from today’s Germany about 1797 to the USA. So today I am happy to learn anything I can about what was the family homeland. This group does teach me about their county. For the record my family name is “Loeblein”. Hal

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