Sunday Matinée

I think, we all have been waiting to exhale this week. And at long last, all came to a good end. At least I hope it has. So far, half the world – minimum – is celebrating the fact, that the rational overcame the evil spook.

But above all this, what cheers me up even more is the fact, that the U.S. will have a Lady for Vice President. And what a good choice she seems to be!

To celebrate this, I will post some art from immortal Gustav Klimt this Sunday – carefully selected for their blue content or /and showing the beauty of the female part of this world 🙂

For an Austrian like me, nothing much needs to be said about Klimt. He is a common household name and every Austrian knows to name or describe at least one of his paintings. The golden, ornamental “Kiss” always comes to mind and mention, whenever the name Klimt is said. But for everybody else: it is worth, having a look into his oeuvre. Without his work, neither art nouveau nor later Bauhaus or modernism is thinkable.

And last, but not least, the lettering on the last painting called Nuda Veritas (made for the Art Journal VER SACRUM) reads: Wahrheit ist Feuer und Wahrheit reden heisst leuchten und brennen. L. Schefer It is a quote from a German Poet called Leopold Schefer and translates to: Truth is Fire and Speaking the Truth is to Shine and Blaze.

Also befitting the occasion, I think.

Portrait of Louise Emilie Flöge – Gustav Klimt
The three ages of women – Gustav Klimt
Litzlberg on Lake Attersee – Gustav Klimt
Avenue in the Park of Schloss Kammer – Gustav Klimt
Nuda Veritas – Gustav Klimt