Is it really dead?

Here’s all the joy one can get over the projected results of the latest US elections: the post of circumstance on this.

Ah, I am still a sceptic. Is the witch really dead? As far as I can see, it is playing cat and mouse, refusing to concede. Suing all and sundry for fraud. Calling in his troops. And most worrying of all: firing and hiring. Of course hiring only yay-sayers. Even some of the U.S. military are getting a bit worried.

I hear all those saying, democracy is no longer at stake and will work. I also hear the Reps, who come forth to congratulate Mr. Biden and Mrs. Harris. And of course I really want to join the celebrations.

But. But, but,but… something within tells me, this might not be over yet. I hope, this is just a product of my fantasy, sparkled by some very concerned opinions voiced on talk shows.

6 thoughts on “Is it really dead?

  1. The voice of the majority will prevail, Lyart. So don’t worry. Trump lost. He can throw all the tantrums he wants, it’s not going to change that. How we will proceed after inauguration day depends on how the Senate race shakes out. If we flip it Blue, we can move faster. If we don’t, diplomacy will be required across the aisle and things will move more slowly. The really crucial stuff (rejoining the Paris Accord, reuniting the kids in cages with their parents, instituting national guidelines for the handling of the pandemic, getting relief to the unemployed, etc) can be done by executive order if necessary. Biden has experts working on plans for all possible scenarios. đŸ™‚

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  2. I was and I will remain a strong Pres. Trump supporter. I also played a lot of sports during my younger years. You lose, you move on. There is always another game to play. I think it is time for Pres. Trump to pack up and move to his home in Florida. I think that unemployment and the economy will tank. But, I will hope for the best. There will never be another Donald Trump. You either loved him or hated him. He was one of a kind. The world will be more at peace. Hal

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    1. Thanks for you openminded comment. I fully agree, noone likes sore losers. If “to tank” means (sorry, don’t know that expression), that there will be a rise in unemployment and the ecomomy will struggle, you are also right. With that illness raging and the only effective measures against it being to stay home and stop seeing other folks to prevent spreading it around, economy has to suffer. It also would suffer, if you keep ignoring the illness and just leave folks to get infected, sick and some to die of it, too. Medical cost and the bleeding of the working class will see to that. This will happen with any president and pretty much world wide. It is certainly true for Germany (which is one of the richest countries there are and with comparably low infection rates), which already suffers receeding economical growth and much trouble with staff being laid off in the thousands in some industries (travel, hospitality, steel production to name but a few). And it will be even more true for other economies. So, the quicker we get out of this pandemic, the better. Ignoring it won’t help much. And even if the vaccines underway keep what they are promising, we will have at least one more difficult year ahead of us.
      I only know one other person, who is a Trump supporter. The lady in question is the daughter of a military and always carried peculiar political opinions as fa as I was concerned. Prior to this election, she kept mailing me long lists of arguments, why to vote for Trump. None of which really resounded with me (except the economic argument, but with the economy, I still like to credit POTUS44, since I liked him a lot and economical change and growth takes a while to pick up speed). Every other argument in favour of Trump was either untrue or only valid in the eyes of a person, who sees the US only and not the entire world, too. Maybe coming from Europe with its many countries big and small, we are more concerned, of what happens elsewhere in the world, because it also often has a direct effect on ourselves. To be honest, the majority folks over here in Germany have a similar opinion on Trump than I have. Which is not so important, in the end, as long as he steps back into privacy some time soon. But what I think, is so much more devastating, is, what we have become to think of the Americans as a nation. It is very saddening.


      1. Just my opinion, nothing more. I used to have a ‘pen pal’ in both Germany, Italy, and France. I still have a friend in Spain on an email list which is not 20 years old. Back to my opinion. I think President Trump was for the working, middle-class citizens. With him as President, we had the lowest unemployment in history before the pandemic. The economy was going up and up. Also, he got our military out of a lot of places they should have never been in the first place. I am not going to debate if socialism is good or not. I think it is bad. I want the Government out of my life. With Biden as President, we are going to have more people on welfare, food stamps and social medicine. I hope I am wrong but I don’t think I am. Also,I am not sure he will live four more years and for the first time in history, we will have a female as President. Top that with a female of color and I just am not ready for that. President Trump ran on ‘make America great again’ and I think he did. BUT as I started, you are the only European that I have to exchange with, besides the one lady in Spain on a food/cooking email list and we don’t talk politics. I welcome your view. Just don’t understand why your view of USA is what it is. Let’s start here. Why do we have our Military in Germany? President Trump is bringing some of them home, where they should be. I bet President Biden will send more over there. For the record, I am on the low end of middle-class American. Finally, this pandemic has done great damage to the USA in lots of ways. I don’t see an end to it any time soon. It has changed my life in many ways. What is going on with it in Germany?


      2. Thanks for writing again. To answer your question about the military in Germany: as far as I know, you guys are here in Ramstein for one reason only: to have a post near Russia to spy them out and also to have a point to land on your way from or to some middle east countries, you are at war with. So it is not to protect the Germans in any way. It is to further your own military stronghold over areas – and here I agree fully with you – you maybe have no business being in the first place. And because you and the other allies in WWII won, Germany had no choice but give you the room to do so. But, historically – that is a fact – the US is still here also, because after WWII the allies didn’t want Germany to grow strong in a military way again. Which we did – and now you hold it against us. This is how I see it. Back to Trump: I agree, employment is the most important factor for working class folks (I am right there along with you, my dad was a baker and had a real hard time raising us three kids with his labor, so I know exactly, how it is having to fret over every nickel come the end of the month). But I think, elected representatives of us, the people, do have business interfering with our lives. Reigning in the dark sides of capitalism and mega-companies. Letting the powers of greed and growth run free, you can watch how many folks have to work more than one job to make ends meet, whereas at the same time the top one percent is getting to own too huge a portion of the entire wealth. It get’s way out of proportion, I think. So in my eyes, a good government should see to it, that everybody (and here I really mean everybody, even a poor worker’s dauther like me or an immigrant or someone out of minorities) has a chance to get a good (and cost-free) education, a fair chance to get work that pays for a living and has access to decent healthcare. It has to see to decent infrastructure, so every citizen has access to affordable and clean water, air, energy, ways of public transport and so on. So yes, I do think, governments have to play a role in peoples lives.
        And for Covid: with the lates lockdown running into it’s fourth week now, we have stabilised new infections on a level of around 20.000 per day. So we stopped the increase of october, but in the wake of the October rampage, our hospitals are filling quickly. We have to cancel other, scheduled treatments already, in order to have room for Covid patients. And we start to become unable to take in patients from neighbouring countries such as France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, that until now could be helped, although their home countries weren’t any longer able to treat them. During the last week, in Germany we had 118.000 new cases. All together, there are currently 943.000 people sick with Covid. 14.400 people have died of the disease in Germany so far. Out government has one figure, that the public health service wants to get back to, which is a weekly average of no more than 50 infected persons per 100 000 inhabitants. If this figure is kept, the public health authorities are able to trace back infections and order those at risk into quarantine, thus breaking the infectous chain. Any figure above that makes tracing impossible and exponential growth of infections is inevitable. At the time being, nationwide we are on an average of 142, in Berlin the number is 199. When the lockdown started end of October, this numer was around 200 on average for the entire country, Berlin was a hotspot with the figurebeing around 500. So, we have a long way to go still. But compared to outher countries in Europe or elsewhere, we are still doing great. Part of this is due to the fact, that people trust Mrs. Merkel, who keeps warning us into reducing our contacts and protect ourselves and also to the fact, that the majority of the country acknowledges science and follows their recommentations. Mind you, I don’t like sitting at home, meeting noone or having my place of work closed (as happened this spring), sure to run a big deficit this year. But hey, everything is better than dying of this horrible thing… I sincerely hope you are well and stay so. Best regards from Berlin, Lydia


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