Sunday Matinée

Since it is Easter (Happy Easter everyone!) I open this week’s art circle with a lino-print called Field Runners by Rob Barnes, featuring some bunnies on the go.

I stumbled upon his body of work by dipping into printmaking after reading about this particular art only recently (e.g. last Sunday, exploring Viky Oldfield). And I like, what I see. I have to confess, I know very little of lino-cuts and etchings and stuff. But Mr. Barnes graphic way of displaying nature has drawn me in.

He studied painting and printmaking at Hull College of Art and London University in the early 1960s. Later he taught art at various institutions in GB and also mentions to play the violin. Just recently, he began to create silver jewellery, too.

Field Runners – Rob Barnes
Moorings at Low Tide – Rob Barenes
Seaside Hollyhocks – Rob Barnes
Snow Trees – Rob Barnes
Swallows Returning – Rob Barnes
Tree Shadows – Rob Barnes
Turn of the Tide – Rob Barenes
Winter Shadows – Rob Barnes