Sunday Matinée

Please meet Armenian Artist Vachagan Manukyan. Born 1977, he was educated at Hakob Kojoyan art school, College of Fine Arts and the State Pedagogicel University, Faculty of Fine Arts, all located in Yerevan. He thinks, realism in painting offers the broadest perspective on the world and at the same time happens to be the most difficult. His aim is, not to just depict, what he sees, but to transform it to something deeper spiritually.

For today, I choose only artwork from cafés and bars by Mr. Manukyan, as I really miss going out for a decent cup of coffee… or wine. It’s been such a long time now, I think close to a year, that all gastronomy is shut here in Berlin. We have a small reopening this weekend: outside only. And only for the fully vaccinated or those having had Covid 19 already. Or those with a negative test no older than 24hrs. So without time and opportunity for a test, I still have to wait a little longer. But soon!!!!

Street Café – Vachagan Manukyan
Coffee, Evening – Vachagan Manukyan
Café – Vachagan Manukyan
Conversation and a Cup of Coffee – Vachagan Manukyan
Cocktails – Vachagan Manukyan
Smile and a Coffee – Vachagan Manukyan
The Sweet Life – Vachagan Manukyan
Waiting – Vachagan Manukyan

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