I am in a celebratory mood today, having received my second BioNtec/Pfizer covid vaccination shot early this morning. Required us to get up really early to travel the roughly 150 km north-west to a town called Perleberg, where I was asked to be at 09:00 sharp this morning. The vaccination center is run by the German army. No one wants to be late for the German army, not me, anyways.

Just kidding. For all my usual pacifism I have not a bad word to say about the soldiers I met at Perleberg. In fact, I have never heard any negative criticism about the running of any of the many vaccination centers around, all of them crawling with soldiers. They are very effective (provided, they have enough serum to give to people – if they didn’t have it, it was not their fault at all). And the army guys are extra-friendly, doing their utmost, to comfort and please folks while running procedures smoothly. I have nothing but praise for all involved. Not only for the soldiers – this is the first time I saw any sense in even keeping an army, really, putting them in charge of organizing the vaccination campaign – but also for the doctors (either really young ones, maybe students still, or old guys, like today, clearly a long-since retired general practitioner maybe 75 yrs old, helping out at the center, along with other staffers from first aid services. They all do a hell of a job. Of no personal cost to any of us, I have to add. Our health insurance covers it all (this remark goes toward readers that live in countries, where medic aid is a topic of fierce discussion, pls reconsider!)

The town Perleberg itself shall be discussed further in the near future here on this blog, as it is clearly worth its own post. For today, I’ll just share the spring thunderstorms passed by on our way back home toward Berlin. It is the nicest season with fresh green and yellow on the field.

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    1. Thank you! I hope, you had your shots long since? Or is it not possible due to your medication routine? My friend circumstance227 here on wordpress is going through chemo therapy recently, so she can’t be vaccinated at the time being. Isolating her and her family…. She hopes to have her 6th cycle out of the system in a few weeks and can get her shot then…


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