We went for dinner at a nice place we know at the Havel Canal near suburbia. We go there for the location mostly: the beer garden is right by the water underneath huge, old chestnut trees. Truly beautiful – just the place to relax after a hot day at work.

After dinner we ventured out for a little walk on the banks. Soon, we hit a bridge under the Autobahn. Its paint matches the fascinating Autobahn Blue on all dierection signs in Germany on said Bahns.

Quite fascinating hue, I thought. Also intersting: there where many swallows zipping in and out from invisible nests somewhere hidden in that bridge. All the more interesting, because the noise, cars made running over the expansion joints sounded like the sound a lashing whip makes, or mabe a gunshot makes from some distance. It was really weird. But the bird didn’t seem to mind. Their shrill voices screaming against the hollering bangs of the vehicles overhead made for a surreal soundtrack to a very amazing colour experience.