Sunday Matinée

Please meet Britsh artist Jo Quigley this Sunday. He holds a MA in Applied Fine Art from Kingston University and now lives in Surrey. He lately started to paint crowds, but also does wildlife – for which he won prizes already – and people.

I like both directions he takes. But most I like his name: Jo Quigley, I was expecting to find a comedian. But I suppose it is just a regular British name…. Glad, it made me stumble over the work of this artist.

White Meadows – Jo Quigley
Shallow Water – Jo Quigley
Early Autumn Embankment Path – Jo Quigley
After the Rain – Jo Quigley
Blue Flag – Jo Quigley
Lunch Break – Jo Quigley
Deep Blue Sea – Jo Quigley
Summer Evening at the Book Market – Jo Quigley
Flower Meadow – Jo Quigley
The Space Between Us – Jo Quigley