Sunday Matinée

I want to take you back to Armenian Artist Vachagan Manukyan. I already introduced him in May this year on the cheery subject of cafés and pubs opening after a long lockdown over winter. So I just posted scenes from bars and restaurants.

But Manukan also has excellent other motifs I want to show this week. He is quite complete, I think.

Ballet Dance – Vachagan Manukyan
Abandoned House – Vachagan Manukyan
Curiosity – Vachagan Manukyan
Ballet Dancer II – Vachagan Manukyan
Reading – Vachagan Manukyan
Summer – Vachagan Manukyan
Pomgranates – Vachagan Manukyan
Maybe… Ruben – Vachagan Manukyan
Ballet Dancer III – Vachagan Manukyan

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