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Yesterday, the sweetheart and I ventured out to Mauerpark, as we figured, it could well be the last Sunday this year for us to 1.) enjoy nice sunshine and 2.) have time off to enjoy it and 3.) Mauerpark is operating.

Many Berliners considering it a tourist trap, we both love this patch of wilderness occupied by the young folks in the middle of town. And yes, one does hear many languages there. But also, one sees lots of young families taking their kids there for a picnic and some fun. As well as many young people still drowsy, curing their hangovers – from Saturday evening parties, I guess.

The arena with the public karaoke was cram-packed once again, and the singers were pretty, well, lousy, to say the least. But hundreds of people still had lots of fun, listening to the singers. I was in no mood to follow the sorry musical attempts of the public, so I went and took pictures of female hairdos, I liked. They are randomly chosen out of the big crowd in the arena.

It is one thing to look at hairdos, when women really DO their hair for some special occasion. But at times, they are supposed to “let their hair down”, they quite often do it up, actually. But for the black and blue braided beauty – this must have taken forever to do, but I guess it stays as it is for quite a while – I think, most women there didn’t really DO their hair for the Sunday outing. I really think, these relaxed “don’t do your hair” styles are stunningly beautiful. Have a look.

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  1. The black and blue hair is gorgeous, but it is not hair. It is extensions (i.e. fake hair). The real hair is braided flat along the scalp and the do is probably sewn in. I doubt it lasts for more than a week.
    I have had 16 years of constant African hair styling experience.With the help of black friends, we’ve convinced the girls that going natural is the best way. With my older daughter, I noticed that her self-confidence was reinforced as she embraced her real hair.

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