Sunday Matinée

Friends took me to the Museum Baberini in Potsdam to see an exhibition on the Sun today. Simple topic, great art, I have to say! Here are a few samples of the vast display of art and artefacts collected from more than 60 sites all over the world. It must have taken the curators years to piece this show together.

Excerpt from a video of the Sun
The Sun floods my Canvas – Gerard Fromager
Red Sun – Arthur G. Dove
Photograph 2019 – Solar Eclipse, May 29th, 1919 – Anonymous
Black Sun – Otto Biene, 1961
Willow Bushes under a Low Sun – Caspar David Friedrich
Low Tide at Les Petites-Dalles – Claude Monet, 1884
Vision of St. Benedict – Giovanni del Biondo, late fourteenth century
The Fall of Phaeton – Peter Paul Rubens, 1605
Daedalus and Ikarus
Crucifixion – Franz von Stuck, 1906
Sunrise – Otto Dix, 1913
Fishbone Forest – Max Ernst, 1926
Apollo in Chariot of the Sun – Peter Paul Rubens, ca. 1625

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