Sunday Matinée

Talking about the Baberini Museum at Potsdam: it also contains the Collection Hasso Plattner. That was news to me.

Mr. Plattner once worked for IBM and later founded SAP together with colleagues. He still is an active member of the board at SAP. But he also restored the building at which said Museum Baberini in Potsdam is located. He is also a known sponsor of the institution. Being aware of this, I wasn’t surprised to find signs leading me toward a “Hasso-Plattner-Collection of Impressionism” in the museum. I expected to find the odd sample of the era, crowned by maybe a Renoir or Monet. Oh my, was I mistaken! Plattner truly is a patron of global format. Flabbergasted I walked by one masterpiece after the next. Storeys full of them, Sisleys beaten by Renoirs beaten by Monets and so forth. Never before have I come across such a density of Impressionism and some Pointillism to top it all off.

Please go and visit this Museum, if you ever get the chance – I hear, the Collection is on permanent display. I will go back, for sure. One can not appreciate all those jewels at once. Just so you get an impression of the impressionist riches:

The Apple Tree – Claude Monet
Couple on a Walk – Gustave Caillebotte
Bullfight – Henri-Edmond Cross
Fécamp, The Inner Harbour – Eugène Boudin
Landscape of Cagnes – Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Coming into Giverny in Winter – Claude Monet
Floes at Bennecourt – Claude Monet
Meadow at Verneux-Nadon – Alfred Sisley
Houses of Parliament – Claude Monet
Boats in Zaandam – Claude Monet
Rio San Trovaso, Venice – Henri-Edmond Cross
My House at Moret – Alfred Sisley
Grainstacks – Claude Monet
Hoarfrost at Pontoise – Gustave Louiseau
Still Life with Honeydew Melon – Claude Monet
The Fishermen – Maurice de Vlaminck
The Thames – Berth Morisot
Pomgranates – Pierre-Auguste Renoir
The Ball-shaped Tree, Argenteuil – Claude Monet
The Port at Zaandam – Claude Monet
The Rose-Bushes in the Garden of Mintgeron – Claude Monet
The Pond, snow effect – Claude Monet
The Water-Lily Pond – Claude Monet
Under the Poplars – Claude Monet
Winter in Moret – Alfred Sisley
View of Bazincourt, snow effect, sunset – Camille Pissarro
Wheat-Field – Claude Monet
Shaded Path – Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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